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Christmas wallet filled with gift cards.
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Christmas wallet filled it with gift cards.

The Holiday Season is filled with very generous donors with toys and game for younger children. We have found it most difficult in getting appropriate gifts for our teenagers. Most donors think of cars, truck, dolls and teddy bears; however, our teens also like to have a special gift to celebrate.

We are searching for supporters for our Christmas Wallet Drive. Unlike traditional “Christmas Trees” for gift purchasing and giving, teens are a little more independent. They love to pick out their own clothes, develop their own style and hang out with friends.

For most of us, gift cards conjure up images of the impersonal gift or the choice to buy for someone that already has everything. This couldn’t be farther than the truth for teens in foster care.

Teens in foster care rarely have their own spending money. Making their own spending choices is a simple thing many of our children take for granted but for those in foster care, it’s a luxury — whether it’s getting a drink at Starbucks or purchasing their own socks.

Our goal is to provide each teen with 10-15 gift cards in a wallet for Christmas. Each gift card will be valued at $10.00 each. Help us support our teens in WV Foster Care and give them an awesome Christmas.

If you would like to make an offline donation, please contact us at