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Welcome to Foster Adventure,

West Virginia now has over 5,000 youth in foster care!

43% of the youth in foster care are between the ages of 11-18!!


Foster Adventure enhances the lives of teens in care by funding social, athletic and educational opportunities and items that give a sense of normalcy to teens in care; Promoting friendships, life skills, higher education and hope in their future.

Something Awaits:This is a special fund to give a child in foster care the hope they need with a special gift. These special gifts are give out to youth new to foster care, celebrating an event (birthday or school award) or transitioning out of care to independent living.

Opportunity Awaits: This program is designed to allow foster kids to pursue an opportunity. These opportunities include extracurricular activities, school sports and clubs, class trips, enrichment opportunity or “once in a life” experiences.

Outreach Awaits: This program is a designed to reach out to underprivileged youth and provide support, services and host awareness events. Awareness Events include topics such as: Drug Prevention and Tobacco Usage. Training events on topics like budgeting, education planning and other general life skills. Assist with mentor matching.

The Youth Awaits: This program is designed to educate and support parents. Assist with recruiting foster and/or adoptive parents. We also provide training on topics for parents on internet safety, behavior modification  and “Apps” to watch our for. 

Youth Center – Hurricane, WV

Help Foster Adventure bring this Youth Center to life and give our youth access to opportunities, teaching them leadership skills, business experience and so much more. This unique ran center will be operated by the youth for the youth. Learn more about what this process is all about here…

Things Youth Need to Change the World through Foster Care

Opportunities — Foster care is an adult-driven system with adult-determined goals operated by adults for the benefit of adults, all focused on children and youth. Young people need substantial, relevant and meaningful opportunities to affect the system. These should not be tokenistic, belittling, demeaning, manipulative or otherwise negative. Instead, they should be equitable, geared towards youth/adult partnerships and transformative for everyone involved, including children, youth and adults.

Training — Whether they’re learning how to transform foster care in group homes, in nonprofits, through government programs, with foundations, or through the media, children and youth in foster care should have significant training. Their skills should be developed to ensure successful action, while their knowledge should be shared to encourage meaningful personal development.

Technology — Using every technology available to them, children and youth in foster care can change the world. Texting can increase communication and community building among youth in foster care, while social media can help ensure that foster childrens’ voices are heard. Building websites and forming organizations online can further systemic goals focused on youth engagement, while access to the Internet can be a building block for further action.



Donate today:

  1. Teen Easter Eggs

    Our Easter Baskets Campaign is just around the corner, we are creating 25 Easter Eggs, filled with personal hygiene products, candy, healthy lifestyles awareness and trinkets! Marjory of these awesome TEEN EGGS will go to teens currently in Youth Shelters, these teens typically do not have any family or places to go, often waiting-hoping for a foster home. If you would like to sponsor one of these Teen Eggs, you can do so for just 10$ - WE are counting on YOU our Community Supporters!
    $30.00 donated of $250.00 goal
  2. Christmas Wallet

    Christmas wallet filled with gift cards.
    $0.00 donated
  3. General Fundraiser

    Foster Adventure’s goal is to provide opportunities that await young people, primarily in foster care, that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, desire for education and reassert a sense of hope in the future.
    $25.00 donated
  4. Movie Nights

    Movie Nights! - Everyone love the movies and Teens are no different. It's a time where they can hang out with their friends and be teens. This campaign will allow us to purchase 50 movie tickets at just $8.00 each from the theater. We will then give these tickets out to Teens in residential and foster homes. Something as simple as a movie ticket goes a long way, help us put a smile on their faces.
    $5.00 donated of $400.00 goal