The Youth Awaits

The Youth Awaits:

This program is designed to partner youth with community partners to help them with their struggles, offer advice for education or just someone for them to reach out and talk to.

Foster Adventure is currently working with two organizations to offer programs to reach out to the youth in our community,

  • Drug Free World ( — The Truth About Drugs is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred YOUTH educational program that covers each of the most commonly abused substances. Foster Adventure is offering his program as part of it’s community outreach to battle drug abuse.


  • Foster Adventure: RAZE — We are RAZE. And our mission is clear. We’re putting everything we’ve got into tearing down the lies of Big Tobacco in West Virginia.Tobacco has taken over our state. And now is our time to take it back. We can be the generation of West Virginians that create a serious rebellion against big tobacco and make a real change.

Both programs will run throughout the Summer and continue into the upcoming school year. Our goal with this programs is to share the TRUTH and LIES when it come to drugs and tobacco use. We hope to equip the youth with the  knowledge and skills to SAY NO and LIVE DRUG and TOBACCO FREE.