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The Costume | Foster Adventure

The Costume

I just wanted to share with everyone a story that I read online, and it really hit home with me!

The Costume


My 6 year old foster daughter has been asking about her Halloween costume since the start of school. She said “My friends keep asking what I’m gonna be and I just have to tell them ‘I don’t know’.” I said, “Honey, why don’t you just tell them what you are going to be?” “Cause I don’t know. What if they run out of Elsa costumes or you forget, or you run out of money?”

This little girl has had her needs consistently met the entire year that she’s been with me but these questions still float around in her little mind. Do you know, she had her first Christmas tree last Christmas? She also had her first birthday party, the room packed with people who I can honestly say love her deeply.

So, today, in the middle of September I went and bought her an Elsa costume just as she is hoping for. I did it to help calm the heart of an already anxious child. I did it as a reassurance that she will have Halloween just like her friends.

Then I started to think about how such a seemingly innocuous task can evoke so much emotion in myself as a foster parent. I’m thinking,

“Will she be around still on Halloween?”

“Will the court make some decision out of the blue to move her with a strange relative or send her home? ”


Today she is still here. Today she will bask in the glow of all things Elsa. Today, she knows beyond all doubt she’s loved. Today she will try on the costume, swirl around, sing ‘Let it Go’ and just be a child without a care.


It’s very hard to understand that emotion, yet I experience it daily working with the kids in my home. It seems like something so little, they may ask for a few dollars for the ballgame next week or to pick up something cause we almost out or even to mention upcoming Christmas/Birthday of something they would like and often I put it off, we will take care of it later.

Yet, what seems so little to me, is everything to them. They worry, they are scared and still uncertain about things.  So, when you read this story, JUST think for a minute, if they say something, it means so much to them … Don’t brush it off

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