Adventure Housing

Adventure Housing

Foster Adventure is excited about our NEW Program, Adventure Housing. This program will roll into it’s pilot state with one “Tiny house” being build. The house will be built by other teens in foster care, as part of skills education, community volunteers and professional contractors

Join us and let’s Build Together

  1. Adventure Housing

    Most young people turn to their parents for help even after they turn 18. But foster youth in West Virginia leave foster care at age 18 with no place to call home.
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Auction Fundraiser

All during July, Foster Adventure will be fundraising to raise funds for our programs.  If you would like to be part of this exciting program and help teens in foster care, then join us and together we can make a difference.

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We look forward to working with you!


Foster Adventure: RAZE

We are RAZE. And our mission is clear. We’re putting everything we’ve got into tearing down the lies of Big Tobacco in West Virginia.Tobacco has taken over our state. And now is our time to take it back. We can be the generation of West Virginians that create a serious rebellion against big tobacco and make a real change.


Become a member of RAZE today and help tear down tobacco’s lies. As a member, you’ll attend statewide tobacco prevention events, perform Commotions in your community and participate in social media challenges to win free RAZE gear! Seniors can even earn money for college through RAZE scholarships.

DRUG FREE – Program


Statistics show that over 75 percent of teenagers have experimented with drugs and alcohol at some time in their lives. Pressure from their peers is often cited as the primary influence in this decision. It’s time to provide a stronger influence against the pressure to try drugs.

The Truth About Drugs is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred YOUTH educational program
that covers each of the most commonly abused substances.

There is nothing more important than your child’s well-being. Knowing the extent of the drug problem in our society, you naturally want to protect your child from the destruction drugs can cause to them physically, mentally and emotionally. But when you talk to them about drugs, how do you know they’re even listening?

Give them the truth about drugs and they will listen. It has been conclusively found that when young people are given the facts about drugs and their harmful effects, they decide on their own not to take them. So, how do you educate them before a dealer gets to them?

That’s where we can help.

Our program provides factual information and real-life stories that get through to young people, causing them to actually change their mindset about using drugs.

This Drug Program will begin on
Wednesday July 6, 2016 @ 5:30pm – 7pm.
It will continue weekly until Sept 7th.

Location: Ablaze Youth Center, 200 Morris Ct, Hurricane, WV 25526


Raising Funds

Raising Funds with GoodSearch & GoodShop

Use Goodshop to support Foster Adventure

We have partnered with Goodshop so that now you can feel great about your online shopping! Goodshop gives you the best coupons for thousands of stores like Target, Apple, Amazon, Petco and more AND a percentage of what you spend on virtually every purchase is donated to our cause! Plus, with the Goodshop app for iPhone and iPad, you can shop, save, and give on the go.

While your at it, be sure and set goodsearch as your default search engine and help us raise funds each and every time you search the web!


Use Goodshop to support Foster Adventure

The Costume

I just wanted to share with everyone a story that I read online, and it really hit home with me!

The Costume


My 6 year old foster daughter has been asking about her Halloween costume since the start of school. She said “My friends keep asking what I’m gonna be and I just have to tell them ‘I don’t know’.” I said, “Honey, why don’t you just tell them what you are going to be?” “Cause I don’t know. What if they run out of Elsa costumes or you forget, or you run out of money?”

This little girl has had her needs consistently met the entire year that she’s been with me but these questions still float around in her little mind. Do you know, she had her first Christmas tree last Christmas? She also had her first birthday party, the room packed with people who I can honestly say love her deeply.

So, today, in the middle of September I went and bought her an Elsa costume just as she is hoping for. I did it to help calm the heart of an already anxious child. I did it as a reassurance that she will have Halloween just like her friends.

Then I started to think about how such a seemingly innocuous task can evoke so much emotion in myself as a foster parent. I’m thinking,

“Will she be around still on Halloween?”

“Will the court make some decision out of the blue to move her with a strange relative or send her home? ”


Today she is still here. Today she will bask in the glow of all things Elsa. Today, she knows beyond all doubt she’s loved. Today she will try on the costume, swirl around, sing ‘Let it Go’ and just be a child without a care.


It’s very hard to understand that emotion, yet I experience it daily working with the kids in my home. It seems like something so little, they may ask for a few dollars for the ballgame next week or to pick up something cause we almost out or even to mention upcoming Christmas/Birthday of something they would like and often I put it off, we will take care of it later.

Yet, what seems so little to me, is everything to them. They worry, they are scared and still uncertain about things.  So, when you read this story, JUST think for a minute, if they say something, it means so much to them … Don’t brush it off


We finalized a logo!

We are super excited about the life that our logo has taken and meaning behind each element.

  • Foster Adventure: Its in the name, fostering brings an adventure. We want our youth experience life just like any normal youth would.
  • Opportunity Awaits: our tag line. Simply means that we want our youth to take opportunities, learn and grow from them.
  • Our vibrant colors of Red, Orange & Green seek to inspire and delight.
  • Our Hands to represent the youth current in foster care.
  • Icons in the red hand: Backpack and School supplies represents education and path to success.
  • Icons in the orange hand: Wrestling Shoe, football/basketball represents extra-curricular activities that we want our youth to take part in.
  • Icons in the green hand: Ship, car and duck represents the childhood some of our kids do not get to experience. Simple toys to make them happy

We love our logo and what it represents! We will be working with fundraising to get started with our Foster Adventure!