Something Awaits

Something Awaits:

This is a special fund to give a child in foster care the hope they need with a special gift. These special gifts are give out to youth new to foster care, celebrating an event (birthday or school award) or transiting out of care.

Listed below are some of the requested we have received and trying to assist with funding!

  1. Christmas Wallet

    Each year many teens are exclude from the "Christmas Experience" - Help share the gift of inclusion, the friendship, the normalcy. It is telling a traumatized teenager they are worthy and valued.
    $50.00 donated
  2. General Fundraiser

    Foster Adventure enhances the lives of teens in care by funding social, athletic and educational opportunities and items that give a sense of normalcy to teens in care; Promoting friendships, life skills, higher education and hope in their future.
    $25.00 donated