Foster Adventure’s goal is to provide opportunities that await young people, primarily in foster care, that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, desire for education and reassert a sense of hope in the future.

Something Awaits:This is a special fund to give a child in foster care the hope they need with a special gift. These special gifts are give out to youth new to foster care, celebrating an event (birthday or school award) or transiting out of care.

Opportunity Awaits: This program is designed to allow foster kids to be able to pursue an opportunity. These opportunities include extracurricular activities, school sports and clubs, class trips, enrichment opportunity or “once in a life” experiences.

Outreach Awaits: This program is a designed to reach out to underprivileged youth and provide support, services and host awareness events. Awareness Events include topics like: Drug Prevention, and Tobacco Usage. We also host life events on topics like budgeting, education planning and other general life skills.

The Youth Awaits: This program is designed to partner youth with community partners to help them with their struggles, offer advice for education or just someone for them to reach out and talk to.

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  1. Teen Tycoon: Youth Entrepreneurial Workshop

    “I want to hang out with my friends, where I won’t have to come up with an excuse to not do drugs or drink” Dear Friend That is a direct quote from a local teen when asked what they most need from their youth center. It is a stark portrait of the realities our teenagers face every day. They are calling on us to provide protected space and to support them in making positive choices. We MUST answer that call.
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  2. Carry On

    Garbage Bags are NOT Acceptable

    Garbage bags are NOT an acceptable form of luggage! ... Too many times youth in foster care are moved from homes and forced to place their belonging in Trash Bags, due to lack of luggage!
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  3. General Fundraiser

    Foster Adventure enhances the lives of teens in care by funding social, athletic and educational opportunities and items that give a sense of normalcy to teens in care; Promoting friendships, life skills, higher education and hope in their future.
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