Outreach Awaits

Outreach Awaits:

This program is a designed to reach out to underprivileged youth and provide support, services and host awareness events. Awareness Events include topics like: Drug Prevention, and Tobacco Usage. We also host life events on topics like budgeting, education planning and other general life skills.

Wednesday Night at 5:30pm 200 Morris Ct, Hurricane, WV 25526
  1. Christmas Wallet

    Each year many teens are exclude from the "Christmas Experience" - Help share the gift of inclusion, the friendship, the normalcy. It is telling a traumatized teenager they are worthy and valued.
    $50.00 donated
  2. General Fundraiser

    Foster Adventure enhances the lives of teens in care by funding social, athletic and educational opportunities and items that give a sense of normalcy to teens in care; Promoting friendships, life skills, higher education and hope in their future.
    $25.00 donated