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We finalized a logo!

We are super excited about the life that our logo has taken and meaning behind each element.

  • Foster Adventure: Its in the name, fostering brings an adventure. We want our youth experience life just like any normal youth would.
  • Opportunity Awaits: our tag line. Simply means that we want our youth to take opportunities, learn and grow from them.
  • Our vibrant colors of Red, Orange & Green seek to inspire and delight.
  • Our Hands to represent the youth current in foster care.
  • Icons in the red hand: Backpack and School supplies represents education and path to success.
  • Icons in the orange hand: Wrestling Shoe, football/basketball represents extra-curricular activities that we want our youth to take part in.
  • Icons in the green hand: Ship, car and duck represents the childhood some of our kids do not get to experience. Simple toys to make them happy

We love our logo and what it represents! We will be working with fundraising to get started with our Foster Adventure!


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